Burgundy on B&W | Outfits

Despite my efforts to show you on time all the outfits I had stored in my computer, this one is a bit old…like 2 weeks old. And It’s probably the last outfit post I’m gonna show you this year. It’s what I wore to a meeting where I met a few other bloggers from my city. We took these photos just before the meeting and I just loved the sun in the background (as always)… I think it adds a lot to my photos. This time, I dressed down my B&W pencil skirt by wearing a sweater on top. I couldn’t resist combining it with my matching bag, and silver accessories. What do you think?

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C for casual and cold | Outfits

As you can probably tell by the title of the post, this was yet another super cold day. Luckily for me, it was a casual clothing kind of day, so I didn’t have to think about it before jumping into a bodysuit and a cozy sweater. I woke up really early in the morning because I had to attend a friend’s graduation at the other side of the city, so the cozier the better. It’s a really simple blue-black outfit, with a colorful note courtesy of my burgundy bag. Maybe, I should stop reaching for that bag all the time, but it’s so beautiful and roomy. What do you think?

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Welcome to the world | Outfit post

The title of this post refers to the newest addition to our family, my baby nephew. These photos were taken just hours before he was born, while we were waiting for his delivery. This area has actually been on my list of places I want to take photos at, for the blog, and it was a great opportunity, as it was just across the hospital. I wore something really comfy for the day, as I knew I would be out all day! I hope you like it….Welcome to the world baby boy! 🙂

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A wool dress to keep me warm | Outfit

I wore this outfit last week to meet T. for his birthday! I promised him, a walk to several electronic and toy stores (boys!) and after that we hit the super market, to buy some stuff I wanted for the recipes I was going to make. My gift to him was 2 main courses, and one dessert. Sometimes actual gifts are less important than spending a full day with your other half, cooking for him and watching movies together. We had an amazing day, the food was great, and we “collapsed” on the couches, after watching the movie, from eating too much food. hehe

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First days of spring

Continuing with the outfit posts I have gathered during this month, I’m going to show you an outfit I wore at the beginning of March, which coincided with the first warm days of spring. It’s still pretty cold at nights, so you will see me wearing warmer clothes again on the next outfit posts, but let’s talk about this outfit for now.

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