What’s in my beach bag | Summer essentials

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As you may know, I just got back from my vacation, and since I posted only once this week, I decided to post today. Truth is, I really missed my blog, and there’s no better time than the present to show you what’s in my beach bag. I usually don’t take many things with me, but I’ll tell you which things never leave my beach bag:

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Welcome to the world | Outfit post

The title of this post refers to the newest addition to our family, my baby nephew. These photos were taken just hours before he was born, while we were waiting for his delivery. This area has actually been on my list of places I want to take photos at, for the blog, and it was a great opportunity, as it was just across the hospital. I wore something really comfy for the day, as I knew I would be out all day! I hope you like it….Welcome to the world baby boy! 🙂

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Casual Sunday pop of color | Outfit post

These photos were taken last week (probably last Sunday) but due to the usual suspects (specific posts at the end and the start of each month) I couldn’t post them earlier. So just pretend that they were taken yesterday! The weather lately has been all rain and no fun, with the exception of some sunny days in between. One of these not-rainy but not-sunny-either days, was this one too, and due to the melancholic touch of the weather we decided to shoot these near the sea. I wear lots of black garments lately but being a spring girl, I couldn’t resist adding a pop of neon to the outfit in a desperate try to lure the sun out of the clouds. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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A walk at the dock

Some days ago, we went at an area near the sea and took a walk at its dock! It was around the time of the sunset, and it was a really nice sight.

I have to warn you that this post has many pictures cause I decided not to make collages this time. Hope you enjoy the beautiful sunset pictures, the view of the sea, and my outfit.

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