Olive green & powder pink | Outfits

Olive green & powder pink 7- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

A few days ago, I saw this color combo online, and I was instantly inspired to create my version of it. I would probably have never thought of these 2 colors together, if I hadn’t seen how well they look together, but I loved how well olive green goes with pastel pink. I can’t wait for spring to officially come, so I can start wearing my pastels again and leave my coat at home. This sleeveless trench coat is going to accompany many of my spring looks, I’m sure. Wish I had a camel & a black version of it too. They are key-pieces that can totally make a look stand out. What do you think, loves?

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Who’s that girl | Outfits

Who's that girl 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

Who’s that girl, you must be thinking if you’re relatively new here. But if you’re an old reader of mine, you’d know that this little precious thing is my dog Mae. She doesn’t appear on the blog often, because as you can tell she’s not fond of having her picture taken, but it’s not the first time she’s stolen the spotlight. The other day, we decided to take my outfit photos while we took her for her walk. She’s too old to take long walks these days, so she was tired after 10 minutes. But she loves being out of the house with us. In these photos, I’m wearing my new grey Lee jeans, and yes, my new cardigan again. The weather has been so nice lately, that I’ve been wearing it like a coat to keep me warm, and it goes well with everything. Don’t you agree? So, head-to-toe grey it is!

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Prom dress perfect

prom dresses 2016 b

It’s prom season for many of you, which means I have many requests to write an article about my thoughts and suggestions. And to be honest, I really love writing such articles, because I get to browse the net to find beautiful dresses and get inspired, and find new e-shops to suggest for you. Today, I’ll be writing about yybridal.co.uk and what you are going to find there. Yybridal, not only has beautiful prom dresses, but it also stocks wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and other kinds of special occasion dresses.

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My Fall/Winter shoe collection | Video

my fall-winter shoe collection - video - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

Hi everybody! This is a highly-requested video for my Youtube channel (you know how much I love shoes!). I chose to show you only the ones I have worn over the past few years (and I still wear), and not some pairs that are still in my closet, but I haven’t worn for years (maybe!). I’m planning to make another video with my spring/summer pairs in the following months, so stay tuned for these ones too! I hope you enjoy this video… If you do, I’d really appreciate it if you give it a “thumbs up” and subscribe to my channel! Enjoy your weekend!

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March 2016 | Wishlist

March 2016 - wishlist - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

With the weather outside being all spring-like, I can’t help but think all about my favorite season, and the pretty colors and scents that come with it. A few days ago, as I was researching an article for Stylishly Beautiful, about the Pantone colors of the year of 2016, I came across these 2 pastel blue beauties and my heart skipped a bit. I SO want a pair of pastel blue pumps to enter my wardrobe collection. I hope I’ll find the right pair soon. And that bag is so pretty too! As for the other items, these lace-up ballerina style, isn’t the first time that has been included in my wishlist, but I still haven’t found the one for me. The dress, and the sandals were just eye-candy I found online, and I wouldn’t exactly object to them entering my wardrobe either. Do you like my choices of the month?

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