August 2016 | Wishlist | Nordstorm Anniversary Sale

August 2016 - wishlist

I know it’s still too early to start thinking about winter clothes, but Nordstorm is having its anniversary sales, and it has the autumn collections in much discounted prices, so I just couldn’t resist. These are my picks! And if you want to get advantage of the reduced prices, you have to hurry, goes the prices go back up on August 8th, so you have until the 7th to shop your favorite fall/winter items. I’ll link all my picks below, so you can find them in the store. Hurry up!

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July 2016 | Wishlist

July 2016 wishlist

I should just go ahead and rename this column to “things I stalk online every month, but I’ll probably never get” and get it over with, right? What? Too long? Ok, let’s keep the wishlist title then, for now. So this month, I’m totally in love with these items. Starting with the plaid dress, which I adore (insert heart-eyed emoji here), and continuing with the light blue dress on the right, before everything else. Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous? I’ll probably never get them. I know, I already cry a little bit inside. Oh well….What’s in your wishlist this month?

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June 2016 | Wishlist

June 2016 Wishlist

There aren’t too many things that caught my eye this month; at least not enough for me to make me want to put them in my “to buy” list. But these 5 made the cut. I still want to buy one of these off shoulder ruffle dresses (I think I’ve seen one in Zara), a pair of white skinny jeans with ripped knees (because I’ve yet to find a good pair of white jeans), a nice hat for the beach (because I only have a black one this big), yet another playsuit in a colorful shade, like the one in this collage, and of course another pair of shoes, like these famous caged sandals. Aren’t they all adorable?

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May 2016 | Wishlist

May 2016 - wishlist - H&M

Recently I did a bit of online shopping on H&M’s e-shop which just opened for the Greek market, because I just couldn’t resist, but I found so many other things that I’d love to buy but couldn’t. So I decided to create a wishlist around them in order not to forget them, and see if I can buy them all in the following months. I’m in love with the print of the red dress, which I’ve also seen on a playsuit and some shorts, and I was tempted to buy them all. Then a pair of distressed shorts from the H&M ♥ Coachella line, and a cute loose peplum top. I’d also love to buy these jeans and this backpack for everyday outfits all year long. What do you think?

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April 2016 | Wishlist

April 2016 - wishlist -

I’ve said before that I’m done buying shoes for a while because my closet is overflowing with them, and I had all the styles needed. However, this month, it was really difficult for me to keep my attention away from beautiful shoes, and not make another full-of-shoes wishlist. I didn’t do very well, because 3 out of the 5 items on this wishlist are still shoes, but can you blame me? They are sooo pretty. And I’m sure I’ll buy at least one of them. With the Greek Orthodox Easter slowly approaching (we celebrate it on May 1st this year), I’m also looking at beautiful pastel dresses, like the one above. I’d also like a spaghetti strap lace top to be added to my collection. What’s your favorite item on my list this month?

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