New in: First spring purchases

As I told you on my last post, I bought some new stuff for spring. I’m already obsessed with the new spring trends, such as pastels, neons, and especially mint color, so I couldn’t help it, and bought some mint items. I swear that if my budget was unlimited I would have come home, with everything mint, or generally pastel. Spring colors make me feel so happy.

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A forest full of plane trees…

That’s my idea of paradise! I would love to live next to a forest of plane trees (platanus). Their smell is the best smell in the world, it instantly puts a smile on my face. I’m lucky enough to be living under two of those trees for a few days, since I’m still at my cousin’s house in Chalkidiki. Growing up, I spent most of my summers in this house. So, the smell of plane trees is something that brings me back so many childhood memories. I once begged my mum to plant some of these trees in our garden, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed. Thankfully, there’s a whole forest of those, really close to my house so I can go there and enjoy a walk among them, while taking advantage of their thick shade and smell them as much as I like! 🙂

I went there again a few days ago to take these pictures for my blog, and I promise to go back again really soon. I couldn’t really decide on which ones to include here, so I have to warn you that there’s going to be a picture load on this post.

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Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

For over a year I’ve been searching for the perfect Rose Gold Watch, but I wasn’t able to find anything similar to it in my country. After searching for it online, I came across Michael Kors’s designs and I immediately knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  A few days later, I was happy to find my perfect watch in my home city.

It didn’t take me too long to take it home with me, and I’m so glad I did. This is my sweetie. 🙂

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