Pre-wedding preparations and bachelorette party

11 July, 2012

The second day after our arrival to Chios island we were invited to attend the pre-wedding preparations, which was a gathering at the house of the bride & groom to be, in order to make the matrimonial bed, and follow the common traditions. Per tradition, all unmarried ladies gather around to make the bed. The groom or the bride (depending on the local traditions) messes the bed 3 times, until he/she’s finally satisfied with the result. After that, they usually put a baby girl or baby boy on the bed (to bring fertility to the future spouses). Then, all guests throw rice/sugar-coated almonds (koufeta)/rose petals and money on the bed to wish prosperity for the couple. There’s usually a food buffet, and a traditional drink included.

This is what I chose to wear that day!

H&M dress (similar here), Zara sequined clutch (similar style), Aslanis heels (similar style), RayBan Folding Wayfarer sunglasses (buy here), H&M necklace, Mango belt, vintage watch, vintage necklace (worn as bracelet).

My aunt had booked for us a hairdresser appointment for the day, and I just loved this hairstyle! I’m a huge fan of braids, but I always fail at doing anything special by myself.

This outfit got me a lot of compliments. Must be the fact that I loved wearing it!

I took lots of photos with it, and couldn’t decide on just a few. So I decided to share more pics than usual with you!

The wedding bed after the throwing of the rice (the money were taken away for obvious reasons).

Let’s see some close ups now.

I liked these pics so much, even without my head (:P) which was left out of the pic by mistake!

My nails were actually hot pink! Hard to show in the pics. I know you can’t see my make up, but I used lavender and turquoise eye pencils, and neutral lipstick for this look.

My hairstyle for the day! Isn’t it lovely?

And finally, my heels! Which are my Shoe Save #12. After a small break I’m back with my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by My Aslanis heels; which is one of my favorite pairs.

The food buffet was yummy. I tasted everything as you can see.

After all the guests left, we gathered for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, which were held at 2 bars (one for the guys and one for the ladies) at the city of Chios, and everyone partied and danced till the early morning hours.

I hope you liked this huge post, and my outfit! I’m sorry for the large number of pics, but I really couldn’t leave any of them behind. 🙂

Have a great day!


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39 comments on “Pre-wedding preparations and bachelorette party

    • S’euxaristw poli Christina mou! To xtenisma itane oti prepei gia ti zesti kai tautoxrona ton aera tou nisiou! Kai to outfit einai ena apo ta agapimena mou! Pragmatika to agapw auto to forema…me oti kai na to foresw panta teleio einai! hehe

  1. Purple and gold seems so good together honey and blue makes the difference in this outfit. You look great as always. I wish all the best for your cousin, I hope they will live happily ever after 🙂
    And I want to thank you so much for all your lovely comments and support when I was away. I’m so lucky to know you, I hope we can meet one day.
    Deniz recently posted..Bodrum PierMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Deniz!
      And you’re very welcome! I’m really happy for you! I hope we get a chance to meet one day too. After all we don’t live so far from each other! You live in Istanbul and I live in Thessaloniki! 🙂

  2. Not so many pictures, don’t worry! I love to see your pictures and I’m sure everybody else does too! And to know about the traditions! That one I got to know once, but then forgot – now reading it here, it was so nice to have my memory refreshed! I thought “ah, yes! I didn;t think of that tradition for so many years!” That was when I was “in” the community, you know what I mean, and I was “active” in Greek traditions… so, thanks for that, really!
    The dress and accessories and hair, and makeup, all soooo perfect! I’m sure you had loads of fun! Dancing, partying, celebrating with family and friends!
    The whole outfit is so classy and I did love the heels too! The makeup is great too and the hair, wow! I want to try it once, but I find myself so unable to do it in such a nice way! But I will try (in September – some important events planned!)
    Necklace – great! Bracelet – great too! (Love turquoise!) And the clutch, so beautiful! I really loved what you wore!
    Now waiting for the wedding outfit!
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenges # 28 and # 29My Profile

    • Thank you Denise! wow you were really “in” the community if you know all these Greek traditions! You know so many things! I’m impressed!
      I’m also unable to do this hairstyle by myself, but the hairdresser did it for me. Wish I could do it by myself and wear my hair in braids all summer. To be honest, I didn’t dance! It takes A LOT for me to start dancing. I’m always very shy, and don’t know how to dance these traditional Greek dances (which are usually played in weddings). And having my “women’s problems” I wasn’t so much in the mood for dancing. But everyone else danced a lot and I watched and took pics.
      You’ll see the wedding outfit really soon, but I’m doing the posts in a row. Like day 1, day 2 etc. So I’ll show you a bit of the island first before the wedding outfit. I’m so behind with my posts, and I want to schedule some more because we’ll probably leave to Chalkidiki next week. Arghh…Not enough time…
      Anyway. We’ll talk again soon! Thank you!
      And filakia pollaaaaaa!!!!

  3. Πολύ όμορφη!! Το μωβ είναι το αγαπημένο μου χρώμα! Αλλα νομίζω το κολιέ και τα μαλλιά σου έκλεψαν την παράσταση. Πολύ κομψή! xx Menia
    Menia recently posted..Put on a smile…My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Menia! Na’sai kala! Kai mena to mov einai ap’ta agapimena mou xrwmata, eidika s autin tin entoni apoxrwsi, kai aporw pws den to eixa dokimasei me tirkouaz ws twra…Oso gia ta mallia makari na mporousa na ta kanw kai moni mou etsi! 🙂

    • Euxaristw poliiii! Ta papoutsia ta agapw, alla to xrwma tous vgainei pio anoixtoxrwmo stis photo…kanonika einai anamesa se mple kai prasino…
      Poli sintoma kai fwto apo to gamo!
      Filakia!!! 🙂

  4. you look really pretty in it 😉 i’m glad you shared the extra pictures! hehe, i really love your hair and like you i can never really do anything too special by myself, so nice that you had a hairdresser on hand! x
    Steph recently posted..Obsessed!My Profile

    • Thank you so much Juli!
      It wasn’t my bachelorette though. I’m not getting married! I just attended my cousin’s wedding in a Greek island some days ago!

  5. Oh, this dress is absolutely beautiful – you look stunning in it! I love the hair, too – I can’t do a thing with my hair either (my arms always get sore if I try to do anything too complicated!): I’d love to have a stylist on hand to do things like this for me!
    Amber recently posted..Polka Dots & CherriesMy Profile

  6. Ma bebaia pou exeis TOSA KOMPLIMENTA!!!!! isoun mia thea, apistevta omorfi kai kompsi. Einai to stil forematos+xromatos pou sou paei apistevta!!! To kolie einai apla fantastico!!!! Ola prgamatika eisoun teleia!!!!
    Se poio Bar pigate? Emena mou aresei panta to REMEZZO, auto pou anoixse sto telos tou limaniou kai pernai to Nissos Xiou apo konta(den thimamai to onoma…) Xios exei poli oraia CLUB, kai beautiful People!!!!
    vanda recently posted..Little Vintage DressMy Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Vanda!
      Pigame sto sueño me ta koritisa kai ta agoria pigane sto Remezzo. Einai poli konta to ena sto allo kai etsi pigainoerxotane ta “paidia”. Eidika sto sueño ginotan panikos…pollis kosmos …s’auto pigame 2 fores kai mia fora piga sta flocafe gia ena xalaro potaki!

  7. Εχω εντυπωσιαστει καταρχην με το ονομα του blog!!Καταπληκτικο!!Θα το επισκεπτομαι συχνα!!
    Και εσυ εισαι γλυκυτατη!

  8. That sounds like such a fun tradition! I absolutely love the outfit you chose for the occasion – and your hair is amazing!! Did you style it yourself?! Perfection 🙂


    sorelle in style recently posted..soireeMy Profile

    • Thank you very much! Sorry for the late reply!
      No, I didn’t style them myself. As I wrote on my post, my aunt booked us an appointment with a hairdresser for the wedding. Wish I could do it myself though. I loved it!

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