Vacation diary | Chalkidiki 2014

Vacation Diary 2- Chalkidiki 2014 - DoYouSpeakGossip.comAs most Thessalonians, I’ve been spending most summers of my life in beautiful Chalkidiki. I have to thank my uncle for this, who decided to build a house in the most beautiful place in Neos Marmaras, and my cousins who keep inviting me every summer for some days of relaxation away from the city. I was originally planning to stay for a week (which is a lot for me) but I prolonged my vacation for 2 more days. That was the most relaxation I had in a long time, and I really enjoyed my time there. I’ve already showed you some of the photos we took (check: What’s in my beach bag, Heading to the beach, and sunset at the beach posts, if you haven’t already), but before August comes to an end, I wanted to share some general photos from my vacation. I have a couple of posts left from my time there, but they’ll have to wait till September. But don’t worry, you’ll see them next week! 😉

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Sunset at the beach | Outfits

Sunset at the beach 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comMy thought that day, was to take some photos on the rocks in my maxi dress at the nearby beach, and then have an afternoon swim with my friends, but unfortunately we didn’t make it to the beach on time to have enough light for summer “outfit photos”, so we improvised. As the sunset behind me was too beautiful to ignore, we took some photos with it behind us, playing with the shadows and the remaining sunlight and after the sun was completely gone, we pushed my camera to its limits to get some decent shots before it was completely dark outside. This outfit is my suggestion for a nice night out at the closest beach bar (or not). Shoes are optional! 😉 In the end, we didn’t have the afternoon swim we wanted, but despite all the obstacles that day, we succeeded in taking photos at the beach, and it was all worth it!

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Heading to the beach | Outfits

Heading to the beach 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis isn’t exactly an outfit post, more like what I usually wear to go to the beach. Most of the times, I wear a light dress or some shorts, and I always carry my big orange bag, containing all my beach essentials. I want to be as comfortable as possible in my beachwear, and wear as less as possible to avoid the summer heat. So this is what I wore one of the days I was in Chalkidiki, to go to the beach. Of course we took these photos just before we left home. What do you prefer to wear when going for a swim?

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Chalkidiki Diary

As you already know, 2 weeks after my vacation to Chios, I left again, this time for Chalkidiki, the heaven on earth for us living in Thessaloniki. When I go to Chalkidiki, I usually stay at my cousin’s summer house, just outside N.Marmaras. The house is in a very quiet area, surrounded by trees, and almost-wild nature, and it’s only a few meters away from the beach (although you need to walk a lot to get there). My uncle bought the land many years ago, and built a cute house there, under 2 huge plane trees (platanus). You may remember telling you how much I love the platanus smell on last year’s post about Chalkidiki.

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Vacation Diary

I’ve been meaning to show you where I’ve been on my vacations, and what better way than showing you some of the pics I took.

As my frequent readers already know, the 2nd part of my summer vacation included sunbathing at the beach in N.Marmaras, Chalkidiki. I’ve been going to this place almost every summer of my life, as my cousins have a house there.

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