Sunsets at the marina | Outfits

I love taking photos near the sea, and especially at marinas, so when we were near the area the other day, I had to take outfit photos there. The combination of the marina and the setting sun in the background made these photos “magical” for me. I wore a really simple outfit to attend an Avon event that my friend Elena was hosting, which I glammed up a bit with the addition of my sequined clutch. My new Betty London ankle booties were the perfect addition to this look, as I wanted to be comfortable, but still look stylish. From the day I bought them I’ve been wearing them non-stop. They are really comfortable, and perfect for my casual and relaxed outfits. I also chose to wear a plaid scarf instead of a necklace, to make the outfit more cozy and interesting. Do you like it?

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Christmas Day | Outfit

I wore this outfit yesterday for a Christmas Day lunch at my brother’s in-laws. The weather was quite mild, and I was able to take these photos without freezing. Wish I could take better ones, but I was in a hurry to go there…I love Christmas, because we get to dress up and sit around a table full of delicacies with our loved ones. I hope you all had an amazing time with your families and loved ones. I also got to see our dog Mae, who’s been staying there for over a year…I hope to take her back here for a few months in the near future.

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Luxury watches for men

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas only 1 month away, we’re being exposed to hundreds of ads every day, as gift season is approaching with a fast pace. I love Christmas and I love giving gifts to my loved ones, and so I couldn’t help but unintentionally start searching for the perfect gift for my boyfriend. You see December is not only the month of Christmas, but also the month of my boyfriend’s birthday! Last year, I gifted him with 2 pairs of shoes (! – what else did you expect of me?), and during the rest of the year, I bought one more pair for him. I know he doesn’t like shopping (most men don’t), so I try to buy him thoughtful gifts that will also be practical. This year, I have a few things on my mind, and I want your opinion on the first one. I always wanted to buy him a watch, but our tastes in this area, are very different. I like them simple and minimal, and he likes them big with all the “bells and whistles”. So my search for the perfect watch for him started!

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Black and Yellow | Outfit post

We took these photos a couple of days ago, when we went for a walk, and then returned home to watch a movie the way we like: privately. This time we watched In Time, a sci-fi action movie which had a bit weird plot, but in the end we really liked it. You should check out the link, if you’re interested.

You may remember the place of these photos from my post Neon Love, a post I really enjoyed taking pictures for, because there was nobody around to stare at me, when taking the photos. We went there again, for this post, but we were asked to leave after a while, as it’s forbidden to be there without permission, so we continued the “photoshoot” at another location. Bye bye favorite place for outfit shots. You’ll be missed.

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Sequins and leopard

About a week ago, it was my brother’s nameday, and we were invited at his house for drinks and finger food near the fireplace. Just us and his in-laws. So I had to pick something cozy to wear, ‘cause the weather was horribly cold. I changed my mind many times about my outfit but finally decided to go like this:

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