November 2013 | Wishlist

IF I WAS A RICH GIRL. Let’s talk feminine dresses and diamond bangle bracelets! Is there any combination more feminine than that? I think not! I tried so hard to resist browsing through one of my favorite e-shops, Net-a-Porter, but I failed! And this is how I came up with a wishlist full of dresses. Everyone knows that I’m a fan of feminine dresses such as these, and even more that I’m a fan of Victoria Beckham and her gorgeous designs. I can see myself wearing all of the above, as I find them classy and stylish, while they’re hugging the silhouette in the best way possible. Now all these dresses need, in order to be accessorized properly, other than shoes and bags of course, is elegant jewellery. Do you agree? And this is where these amazing sparkly bracelets come in. Elegant, pretty and timeless, exactly what I would call my cup of tea. These three were my choices, but you can find many more at Do you want to know the best part? You can customize them according to your taste and budget! So, what are you waiting for? 😉

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Grunge & tartan | Outfits

This is the outfit I wore at the Tesoro event, the Saturday before last. I wanted to show you photos from the event first, and then move on to the outfits, so that’s why you see it with a bit of a delay. Despite the sun, it was a really cold day, so I decided to wear my biker boots for the first time this season, a pair of black jeans (which made me realize that I need to get a pair of skinny ones for such cases, because I hated that bulgy look near my boots) and my newest addiction: this tartan shirt. I had a fantastic time with the girls that day, and I really want to thank them both for making it that awesome, and also thank Maria for taking these outfit photos. Head over to her blog to see her outfit from that day!

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My month in pics | September 2013

It’s the last day of September, and in retrospect I think it was a good month. I didn’t show you many actual outfit posts, but in the end it was good for me to “take a break” from outfit photos, and enjoy the month of my vacation. After all I had many posts to show you. In fact, so many that I still owe you a few from September, which I’m going to post next month. My favorite outfit post was definitely Blue & leopard, but I’d love to hear yours. Also, check out my Instagram feed through these photo collages, and make sure to follow me there, so you can see them in real time. I also took some Insta-videos this month so check them all out on my account.

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Outfit of the day at TIF | Outfits

This outfit is a bit “old”, like 2 weeks old, but on my defense, I was on vacation, and I wanted to do those posts first, plus T. is having some busy couple of weeks, and we stick some outfit photos whenever we have a chance (or should I say whenever we actually manage to meet between these busy weeks). These ones were taken shortly after our vacation, on the last day of Thessaloniki’s International Fair aka TIF Helexpo. I needed to be casual dressed to be able to do a lot of walking, and wear a longer sleeve, because it gets chilly at nightfall. Loved the place, but not so sure about the photos… What do you think?

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Preveza vacation – Day 4 | Travel

Day 4 was the last of our vacation. We left the hotel at 12, after having breakfast, and waiting for the rain to stop, and took the long way home in order to visit more seaside cities and maybe one last beach. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side that day, but we still managed to visit places, and take many photos. We kept stopping at the side of the road to enjoy the view and take photos whenever we had the chance, and we took advantage of the whole day before returning home tired, after what seemed to be 12h of travelling. Check out the photos and their captions below for more details.

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