Culottes lover | Outfits

You know how much I love my culottes, right? And I simply love wearing them with high heeled pumps, and a shirt on top. I think it gives me such a classic & classy look, and some office vibes I really love. I didn’t even need a coat or anything else on top that day, because it was really warm and nice. We drove around for a while before we found this cute spot to take my outfit of the day photos, and then we discovered I had forgotten my memory card at my house. We came back though, and I really loved the result of these photos. I can’t wait to take some outfit photos in Athens soon. We still haven’t taken any, and I’m dying to go out more and see the city, especially now that it’s all Christmas decorated. Do you like this look? Let me know by leaving a comment below! 😉

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Outfit of the day at TIF | Outfits

This outfit is a bit “old”, like 2 weeks old, but on my defense, I was on vacation, and I wanted to do those posts first, plus T. is having some busy couple of weeks, and we stick some outfit photos whenever we have a chance (or should I say whenever we actually manage to meet between these busy weeks). These ones were taken shortly after our vacation, on the last day of Thessaloniki’s International Fair aka TIF Helexpo. I needed to be casual dressed to be able to do a lot of walking, and wear a longer sleeve, because it gets chilly at nightfall. Loved the place, but not so sure about the photos… What do you think?

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Casual afternoon | Outfit post

As the title says, I wore this casual outfit on an afternoon out with T. We took these photos and went shopping for a few things I needed (nothing fashion related I’m afraid). The days are still warm but the nights are chillier reminding us that fall is indeed already here. I love this weather (for fall), but I can’t help but feel sad that the time to change our clocks for winter is rapidly approaching. But we have one more week ahead of us, and I’m going to make the best I can with the (summer) time and summer light we have left.

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Having fun at the playground

at the playground 4It took me months but I finally convinced my boyfriend to take some shots of me for the blog. So we drove to a small playground, and we took some pictures of each other while having fun. I like going to playgrounds from time to time, they remind of how amusing and carefree everything was when we were kids. Now everything’s different.

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