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Purple & mint - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comYou thought I’d leave you without some more mint or green for a few days, didn’t you? Well I couldn’t! 😛 I’ve realized that this outfit is a bit “old” now since we photographed it at the early days of July, but it’s still a really nice outfit, so I wanted to show it to you! Of course I wore this outfit for a night out, but the photos were taken in the evening, under the scorching hot sun, and this totally unflattering bright light. You can’t always have it all, can you? I hope you like the look though…

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New in: Zara basic color-blocking sandals

I’m not gonna lie to you! I wasn’t initially going to buy these shoes, even though I really liked them. But seeing them everywhere in the blogosphere made it so difficult for me to resist! After contemplating on whether or not to buy them, I managed to find a way to justify their purchase, by thinking that they would look perfect with the dress I bought for my cousin’s wedding. Of course I had already chosen my favorite one among the variation of color combinations available. And finally decided to make the purchase! They weren’t available at my local Zara, but they were at the central store. A quick visit at the store, before my road trip to Kavala last Friday morning put them in my possession. Enjoy the photos I took for you (even though you may have already seen the shoes everywhere!).

Can I offer you anything?

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My month in pics – May 2012

After all the posts about my birthday, my party, and my party outfit, I thought we’d take a break from it, to do my “month in pics” post, before I continue to show you a few more party-related posts I have for you. As the years pass, and we grow older, I thought the best thing we can do to “forget” it, is to have as many parties as possible to celebrate with our friends and family….Do you agree?

Here are the outfits of the month, in case you missed them, or to refresh your memory if you have already seen them.

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New in: Sandals

About one week ago, I took myself shopping again, and managed to come home with both pairs I had my eyes on. Not too expensive, not too cheap, and since I didn’t have shoes of the same style, I decided to buy them both. I already wore one of them on Easter (the weather finally decided to be good with us for a day), but you’ll have to wait till you see the outfit of that day.

So without further ado I present to you my new colorful purchases, starting with this one from the Greek brand Tsakiris Mallas.

All photos were shot by me

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Pastels: Mint

 It’s been a while since I wanted to do a collage about one of my favorite trends of the last years, which is pastels, and finally got the time and chance to realize it. Starting this, with my latest pastel obsession, mint… Mint is everywhere this season, and I’m totally ok with it, since I loved it from the first time I saw it on clothes, shoes and bags. I’ve already added many mint-colored-stuff to my collection, and I don’t think that my obsession will stop there.  Are you obsessed as well?

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