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Rebel at heart 10- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comWho would believe me if I had told him, that I, the eternal “germ-phobic”, would have gladly sit in the middle of the road to get these pictures? I bet no one who knows me would! T. couldn’t believe it either, and he was the one behind the camera. Would you, dear readers believe it, after having seen me in this outfit? Of course I’d never sit in the middle of the road wearing that outfit. I know, you must think that I’m crazy, because I didn’t do anything groundbreaking, but believe me, Mr. Monk in me would probably scream seeing me doing it. But I was so happy that day that I actually enjoyed it. Oh well, I have my moments too I guess. In “other news”, I wore this outfit last week to go to Thessaloniki’s International Fair and attend Sakis Rouvas’ concert after that. So the casual attire was much needed. 2 surprises from me in one day…I know, amazing! haha

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What I learned from doing the Shoeper Shoe Challenge

One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot while doing the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, was “what is the Challenge?”, and “do you win anything if you finish it?”. The first question has already been answered many times through my posts, but I’m going to say it one more time here: It’s a challenge created by to help you wear all your shoes. The rules of the challenge are: You should wear and photograph all your shoes, at least once in the duration of a year; otherwise, you should give them away/sell them etc. You can read the rules here.

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Sporty Casual | Outfit post

A couple of days ago, we went with T. for a walk near the sea, and it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos. It’s a rare occasion you get to see me wearing sneakers, but I do wear them quite often. They’re not my favorite shoes, but they’re one of the most comfortable. Of course nothing tops my all-time-favorite and most comfortable pair I’ve worn, my Casual Attitude biker boots I purchased this fall. Tell me, do you like this sporty casual outfit? I’ll try to come back with more outfit posts next week. Have a great weekend.

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Shoe Saves #17, #18 and #19

Since it’s Friday today and most of you are not going to be around to read any posts (because you’ll probably be at a beach somewhere! – Good for you!) I decided to postpone the outfit post I had prepared to show you, for Monday! But for those of you who are still here, and not out of town (myself included) I prepared another post, where I’m going to show you my “recent” shoe saves!

About a month ago, I shared with you my photos from my shoe collection, and I explained to you the rules of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, that I joined this year. According to the rules, I have to save all my shoes, by wearing them at least once in the duration of a year. As a proof, each Shoe Save must be photographed either in an outfit, or with a simple shoe photo. I usually try to photograph all my Shoe Saves in an outfit, but since I wear many pairs in my everyday life, with very casual outfits, I didn’t have the chance to photograph them so far. So I decided to show you some shoe photos of my recent shoes saves, in order to keep them “safe”, because summer is soon coming to an end, and I have many more shoe saves to do. (By the way you can also join the Challenge whenever you like, just click here to read the rules. You’ll see, it’s fun!).

Shoe Save #17: Arte Piedi black flat sandals

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