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Every time, before I get dressed, I decide on my outfit… But even before that, I ask myself some questions and take many factors into consideration. Where am I going? Do I need to dress casual, or formal? Do I want to be absolutely comfortable today? Am I going to do a lot of walking? Do I need to carry a big bag with me to fit all my needed stuff for the day? Can I wear a dress? It may sound complicated but it’s not, because those questions get answered in a few seconds. So I ask myself these, and I go on, deciding my shoes and bag for that day, and I usually built the rest of the outfit around those. For the day we took these photos, I needed to be comfortable (so jeans and a loose top were the best option), I was going to walk a lot (therefore I needed flats), and I needed a bag to fit all my stuff plus my camera, that would match the rest of the outfit. And this is how even the simplest outfits get created in my mind. There are many variations to this process, but it usually goes like this. How do you get dressed in the morning? What’s your process?

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Shoe Saves #17, #18 and #19

Since it’s Friday today and most of you are not going to be around to read any posts (because you’ll probably be at a beach somewhere! – Good for you!) I decided to postpone the outfit post I had prepared to show you, for Monday! But for those of you who are still here, and not out of town (myself included) I prepared another post, where I’m going to show you my “recent” shoe saves!

About a month ago, I shared with you my photos from my shoe collection, and I explained to you the rules of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, that I joined this year. According to the rules, I have to save all my shoes, by wearing them at least once in the duration of a year. As a proof, each Shoe Save must be photographed either in an outfit, or with a simple shoe photo. I usually try to photograph all my Shoe Saves in an outfit, but since I wear many pairs in my everyday life, with very casual outfits, I didn’t have the chance to photograph them so far. So I decided to show you some shoe photos of my recent shoes saves, in order to keep them “safe”, because summer is soon coming to an end, and I have many more shoe saves to do. (By the way you can also join the Challenge whenever you like, just click here to read the rules. You’ll see, it’s fun!).

Shoe Save #17: Arte Piedi black flat sandals

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My shoe collection

Last month, I joined the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by, where I have to “save” all my shoes by wearing each pair at least once in duration of a year. If you’re wondering why, or if you simply want to read the rules in case you want to join as well (yes you can join whenever you like), you can click here. In order to join the challenge, I had to count my shoes, to find the total number…Also as an extra (optional) step, all who join are asked to take photographs of their shoe collection/shoe closet, simply for the joy of eye candy.

I counted 56 pairs then, (I have a few more, but I didn’t want them to be part of this challenge for personal reasons), but as you know my collection grew to 59 pairs last month. But let’s take it from the beginning…

This is my shoe collection of 56 pairs…

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Maxi-mize it!

After a super-hot day at the beach, I needed to wear something fresh and relaxed. Unfortunately my feet got burned by the sun (yes, only my feet, I don’t know how I managed to do this), so my maxi skirt was the best option at the moment. I chose to wear my new coral skirt, which I told you about a few posts back, and was a gift from my brother’s wife on my birthday.

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A walk at the dock

Some days ago, we went at an area near the sea and took a walk at its dock! It was around the time of the sunset, and it was a really nice sight.

I have to warn you that this post has many pictures cause I decided not to make collages this time. Hope you enjoy the beautiful sunset pictures, the view of the sea, and my outfit.

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