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Just a quick outfit post today, to show you the outfit I wore yesterday… I mixed my polka dot peplum top, with my squared cardigan. I wasn’t a fan of the combo at first, but I ended up liking the result a lot. Hope you like it too! I’m going shopping with a friend now, have to run! See you soon!

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P for Pastels | Outfits

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, but I mixed the posts lately, to show you other ones first. We were on the first really hot days of spring, with temperatures rising up to 30 degrees just before Greek Easter. I couldn’t resist putting on pastels and bright colored sandals, and go out for coffee with a friend (the photos, however, were taken later in the day by T.). I love the outfit, and pics, but they don’t look that flattering. I think I’ve lost some weight since then (even though these pics don’t do me justice), and hopefully I’ll lose even more in the future.

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New in | Zara and H&M goodies

A couple of weeks ago I broke my shopping diet and went shopping with a friend. Given that I hadn’t shopped for a while and that the last time I was at Zara, I wanted to buy almost everything, I came home with very few stuff, and I paid a small amount of money for the number of garments I bought. I mostly shopped from Zara and H&M, with a small stop to Hondos Center. In total, I bought: 2 pairs of jeans (khaki and blue ones), one pair of shorts, one shirt/blouse, a pair of sunglasses, and 2 hair conditioners for red hair. As you can see, I ended up with many khaki items, because I couldn’t decide among them, and because they were quite inexpensive I decided to buy all 3. As for the sunglasses, I wanted another pair, and even though, I’ve never shopped sunglasses from high street stores, these ones looked good on me. So they came home with me as well. You’ve already seen me wearing them in my previous outfit post. What do you think?

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Having fun at the playground

at the playground 4It took me months but I finally convinced my boyfriend to take some shots of me for the blog. So we drove to a small playground, and we took some pictures of each other while having fun. I like going to playgrounds from time to time, they remind of how amusing and carefree everything was when we were kids. Now everything’s different.

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