Casual chic | Outfits

One thing you may have guessed about me by now is that I don’t really enjoy wearing casual outfits. Ok, they’re comfortable, but most of the times, they’re boring. So when I go out and I want to be comfortable and I know I don’t have to do a lot of walking, I dress up the outfit through my accessories. This is what I did here, by wearing comfortable clothes, and choosing my favorite D&G clutch and sandals, that I was dying to wear all summer. Since I didn’t have a “photographer” for the day, I took these photos by myself, like old times. I hope you like result.

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Anniversary look | Outfits

Most of you saw my anniversary look on my previous post, but I wanted to make a more detailed one, to give you more info about what I wore. I picked this dress to match my shoes, and even though it didn’t cross my mind to wear them together at first, I really liked the result. The bag was also a match to the pink of the shoes, and the bracelet (one of my favorite ones), was neither gold nor silver, so that’s why I picked it. My hair is naturally wavy, even though it may seem straight to most of you (the front part is always straight for some reason, while the back is always wavy), and I wanted to accentuate this for that day. So I braided them in 2 parts just after my bath, and let them dry to get this effect. A really natural look and perfect for summer if you ask my opinion. Definitely going to do it again. Did you like my look?

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New in | Melissa Lady Dragon via

Those of you, who follow me on my social network accounts, know that I recently bought a new pair of shoes. Today, I’m finally showing you, which was my latest purchase. I’ve been thinking for a while now to go for a pair of Melissa Lady Dragons by Vivienne Westwood, but I wasn’t sure about the color I’d choose. I was keener on the nude and pink bows version of these, but I figured that the light pink/blue version would be more appropriate for my wardrobe. Since you obviously loved my previous presentation of my recent purchases, I prepared for you, a similar fun concept for these photos. Do you approve?

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Black & white bows

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I’ve been really busy these days, both on the blog, since I did 3 posts in a row, and in my personal life. As I told you on my previous posts, and on my Facebook page, I went to Chalkidiki last Saturday and had my fist swim in the sea for this summer. The sea is still really cold in my opinion, even though the temperatures are already really high. Anyway, Last Friday was my best friend’s graduation in a nearby city called Kavala, so I travelled there to celebrate with him. You may remember Kavala from this post. T. met us there from Xanthi, and we had a really nice day all together. For the occasion, I chose to wear a casual chic outfit that I thought I’d be comfortable in, because we had to travel by car to get there.

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New in: Café Noir B&W flats

As I have said many times, those of you follow me either on Facebook, or Twitter, already know that I ordered a new pair of flats (!), and have already seen a little sneak peek. So if you don’t follow me there yet, make sure you will, to get more fresh news about me and this little blog.  So, let me introduce you to my new flats.

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