Casual chic | Outfits

One thing you may have guessed about me by now is that I don’t really enjoy wearing casual outfits. Ok, they’re comfortable, but most of the times, they’re boring. So when I go out and I want to be comfortable and I know I don’t have to do a lot of walking, I dress up the outfit through my accessories. This is what I did here, by wearing comfortable clothes, and choosing my favorite D&G clutch and sandals, that I was dying to wear all summer. Since I didn’t have a “photographer” for the day, I took these photos by myself, like old times. I hope you like result.

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Boho casual | Outfits

Continuing with the casual outfits, since I can’t seem to be in the mood to wear anything better these days, this is the outfit I wore last week to meet with another blogger friend: Maria from Style Bows. Once again I opted for something comfy, and breathable to fight this heat. I succeeded by choosing this coral maxi skirt. Since it’s an item that catches the attention, I chose to pair it with black items to keep it from being too busy. What do you think? I want to thank Maria for taking these photos! 🙂 I’ll let you know when she puts the photos I took of her on her blog.

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Miss Robin Hood | Outfit post

This is the post I was originally going to publish last Friday, but decided to postpone, since almost nobody would be there to read it. I know August is the month in which most of you go on holidays, especially Greeks, because in August the 15th we celebrate the Assumption of Mary (as I told you last year too), one of the most important religious holidays in Greece (after Christmas and Easter). And because I really liked this outfit, I didn’t want to “waste a good outfit” and not give it the attention it “deserves”, so I decided to postpone it.  hehe

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Through the veil

Good morning my dear readers! I hope you all had a great day and a fabulous weekend so far.

The pictures I’m going to show you were taken a few days ago, before I go to a friend’s house. I was wearing a quite casual outfit with a more formal note, thanks to this beautiful blouse a friend of mine gifted me a few years ago.

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Coral Dreams

Coral dreams 2So, just to be completely honest, these pics are obviously from last week, when I still had this beautiful hairstyle on. Nothing special to attend this time, just a cup of coffee with some friends, at a local coffee shop to farewell my dear friend S, who was leaving for Switzerland the next day.

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