Weird title, I know! I always have trouble finding good titles for my posts and even more now, that my inspiration has left the building, since my blog is down as I’m writing these lines, and I’m much more caffeinated than I should be, to deal with it properly. Of course if you’re reading this, it means that the blog is already up (let’s hope that it didn’t take too long to happen), so let’s move on to my outfit post.

These pics were shot about a week ago, when T. was in town for a few days. So sorry for posting them late again, but as you know I always write my “month in pics” and “month’s wishlist” post at the end and the start of each month, so this takes all other posts back a few days. Anyway, the day was hot enough to allow me to wear a sleeveless black dress (that I didn’t have the chance to wear before, this year), and a pair of my not-so-wintery boots. You’ve seen them before in this post.

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Sequins and leopard

About a week ago, it was my brother’s nameday, and we were invited at his house for drinks and finger food near the fireplace. Just us and his in-laws. So I had to pick something cozy to wear, ‘cause the weather was horribly cold. I changed my mind many times about my outfit but finally decided to go like this:

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First outfit post

DSC08594After spending weeks thinking about it, I finally decided to do an outfit post (my first one – woohoooo!). I already told you that I’m camera shy and I also have to add that I’m totally not photogenic at all (I have to take a hundred shots in order to get a good one). As much as I like taking pictures and keeping memorabilia, I suck when it comes to have my own taken. However, I always find it more interesting when I see outfit posts, in the blogs I’m reading, so I thought I’d take a shot.

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