Chalkidiki Diary

As you already know, 2 weeks after my vacation to Chios, I left again, this time for Chalkidiki, the heaven on earth for us living in Thessaloniki. When I go to Chalkidiki, I usually stay at my cousin’s summer house, just outside N.Marmaras. The house is in a very quiet area, surrounded by trees, and almost-wild nature, and it’s only a few meters away from the beach (although you need to walk a lot to get there). My uncle bought the land many years ago, and built a cute house there, under 2 huge plane trees (platanus). You may remember telling you how much I love the platanus smell on last year’s post about Chalkidiki.

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Pre-wedding preparations and bachelorette party

The second day after our arrival to Chios island we were invited to attend the pre-wedding preparations, which was a gathering at the house of the bride & groom to be, in order to make the matrimonial bed, and follow the common traditions. Per tradition, all unmarried ladies gather around to make the bed. The groom or the bride (depending on the local traditions) messes the bed 3 times, until he/she’s finally satisfied with the result. After that, they usually put a baby girl or baby boy on the bed (to bring fertility to the future spouses). Then, all guests throw rice/sugar-coated almonds (koufeta)/rose petals and money on the bed to wish prosperity for the couple. There’s usually a food buffet, and a traditional drink included.

This is what I chose to wear that day!

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Birthday party details

I wasn’t going to do this post today, but I got many requests, so by popular demand, I present you the post with the details about my birthday party including: concept and food buffet… Unfortunately I can’t post many of the party photos, because I want to protect my friends’ privacy, so I have mostly food photos for you today. But let’s start with the whole concept. And I ask you once again, to please bear with me!

I had very few guests at my party, mostly my closest friends. An invitation was sent to 5 ladies, telling them to come to my house on Saturday the 19th at 16.00 o’clock, for a beauté and linner (combination of lunch and dinner) party, bringing only their appetite and good mood… What they didn’t know was that I had a little surprise for them! The beauté part included having their nails pampered by a professional manicurist (the lovely and very talented Elena! – if you live in Thessaloniki, I can give you her number). Elena, spent 8 whole hours at my house, doing manicures and pedicures to me, my mom, and my friends, and that was my gift to my lovely friends. Thank you so much Elena, you were amazing! 🙂

While one of us at a time was having her manicure/pedicure done, the others were having conversations or enjoying the delicious buffet, which consisted mostly of finger food. As I told you, my mom and I were working in the kitchen for 3 whole days, to prepare this buffet, and it was all worth it because my friends had all great things to say about it. And I was really excited that everyone was more than satisfied with my selections, since the menu was created by me. I’ll leave the pics do most of the talking, and I’ll put some details in the captions below each photo.

The whole buffet in the middle of the party

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My month in pics

As I told you on my last post, I decided to convert my “week in pics” posts, to “month in pics” ones. It’s easier for me, as I don’t write every day and let’s face it, an almost completely spent in my house week, isn’t so eventful.

So here we are, on my first month in pics post, in which I will show you the highlights of my month, in my opinion of course. Get prepared for lots of food pictures, as you know how much of a food lover I am. But you may not know yet, that I love to cook too. I don’t know many recipes, but I know how to cook the things I like.

So, my month started with me, seeing the pictures of my trip to Nafplio (see my previous posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7– wow I did so many posts!), and showing you my outfits, and the city.

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My week in pics – Nafplio edition

Good morning dear readers! How was your week? It’s finally Friday, and I know many of you are really happy about it.

Today I’ll present you with one more “My week in pics”, which this time consists of photos of my trip to Nafplio. I know that so far this column doesn’t have a standard day of the week to be published, (as I don’t write daily on this blog, cause that would be difficult for me), but I’ll try to work it out in the future, if I’m going to continue writing it.  Maybe I should try posting more often than 2-3 times a week.

Anyway, I have many outfits from my trip to show you in my future posts, but I thought it would be better to start with showing you some miscellaneous pictures instead. So you can get a picture of the place I’ve been last week, and for me to keep some kind of a scrapbook to remember it.

Huge post alert! Lots of pictures too!

Starting with, the buildings:

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