My month in pics – May 2012

After all the posts about my birthday, my party, and my party outfit, I thought we’d take a break from it, to do my “month in pics” post, before I continue to show you a few more party-related posts I have for you. As the years pass, and we grow older, I thought the best thing we can do to “forget” it, is to have as many parties as possible to celebrate with our friends and family….Do you agree?

Here are the outfits of the month, in case you missed them, or to refresh your memory if you have already seen them.

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Pastels with a hint of neon

Hello hello! It’s Friday today, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s excited for the weekend. I’m almost 2 weeks late in showing you my Easter Sunday outfit, but you know how it is, I usually do 2-3 posts a week. So, without further ado, I present to you my outfit from that day. As the title implies it’s mostly a pastel colored outfit, with just a tiny hint of neon.

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New in: Sandals

About one week ago, I took myself shopping again, and managed to come home with both pairs I had my eyes on. Not too expensive, not too cheap, and since I didn’t have shoes of the same style, I decided to buy them both. I already wore one of them on Easter (the weather finally decided to be good with us for a day), but you’ll have to wait till you see the outfit of that day.

So without further ado I present to you my new colorful purchases, starting with this one from the Greek brand Tsakiris Mallas.

All photos were shot by me

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October’s Wishlist


Hello everybody! Are you having a nice weekend?

Today I’m going to show you my wishlist for October. This time I choose more affordable items, which present some of this season’s hottest trends. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

1. Zara Metallic Sweater, 49.95€.

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Gimme more Drama

It seems that many of you liked the lovely Tsakiris-Mallas pumps, on my “Drama Queen” post, as a less expensive alternative to Brian Atwood’s Drama pumps (which are already sold out everywhere), so I decided to do another post. This post is to inform my readers who don’t live here in Greece and can’t find this brand elsewhere, that Steve Madden has done his own version to the Drama Pump (if you don’t already know it). It’s called Bevv-B and you can find it here and in various other online stores for 99.95$.

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