Last, summery look | Outfits

This outfit is a bit old, as it is the one I postponed in order to show you the events we attended last weekend first. It’s in fact the last summery outfit I might have worn, as the weather has changed a lot since then. At least I got to enjoy these new dresses I got lately before autumn hit us. I wore this outfit to meet up with 2 of my blogger friends from Thessaloniki. Do you want to know what happens when fashion bloggers meet? Well, of course we photograph each other’s outfits first, and then we enjoy our afternoon together with drinks. These photos were taken by 2 different cameras (and that’s why you’ll see differences in colors) by my girls Maria from Style Bows, and Anatoli from the blog From with love. Check out their blogs to see their outfits of that day.

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October 2013 | Wishlist

Product images via
Collage made by me.

 Happy October everyone! This month, I have a lot of things on my wishlist, and yes they’re all from Zara. It seems that Zara is trying to make me go broke… there’s no other explanation. I’ve already bought a few things, which you’re going to see on my next post, but I’m still thinking about buying the above skirt, the grey pumps, and possibly one of the other pairs of shoes as well. I don’t want to spend much more though, since I was trying too hard not to buy anything last season, but my shopping diet broke last month. I’d love to have that coat too, but it’s a bit expensive for something you buy at Zara. What do you think?

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Casual chic | Outfits

One thing you may have guessed about me by now is that I don’t really enjoy wearing casual outfits. Ok, they’re comfortable, but most of the times, they’re boring. So when I go out and I want to be comfortable and I know I don’t have to do a lot of walking, I dress up the outfit through my accessories. This is what I did here, by wearing comfortable clothes, and choosing my favorite D&G clutch and sandals, that I was dying to wear all summer. Since I didn’t have a “photographer” for the day, I took these photos by myself, like old times. I hope you like result.

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New in | July garden party edition

As I told you on my last post, I bought a few things last Friday, and I had some delivered to me this Monday, so I had to make a post to show you my latest purchases. I didn’t want to make the usual post with plain photos of the things I bought, and since I had some free time on my hands a couple of days ago, I organized a garden party with elite guests: all of YOU! I really enjoyed the concept behind this photoshoot (despite the fact that I got bitten by a swarm of vicious mosquitos during it), and I hope you like it too. So, may I treat you to some fruits, or a delicious freshly baked piece of the first edition of Dan Brown’s “Inferno”? 🙂

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Walking my dog in style | Outfits

Those of you who follow me on social networks might have already seen that my dog, Mae came home again last Wednesday. She is our family dog, and she is with us since 2004 when we “adopted” her. She was living with us for many years, but my brother took her with him, when he moved out. For years she shared her time between our house, and my brother’s, but for the last couple of years she was living with my brother’s in-laws who also love her very much. Due to some events we weren’t able to have her here sooner, but I’m just happy to have her with me now…She’s almost 10 years old, so we can’t take her for long walks any more, but a small walk near our house was ok, so me and T. took the opportunity to walk her and take some outfit photos all at once. Two birds with one stone! Do you like us?

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