One-day trip to Kavala

I promised you I’ll be back with some photos of my trip to Kavala, Greece, so here I am. Ready to share with you more than enough photos of this trip! Since a lot of you asked, I included some more photos of the place. And I also have the outfit of the day to share with you! It’s a really casual one, but here we go:

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I wear my sunglasses at night

No actually I don’t. Cause that would be weird. In fact I didn’t have my sunglasses with me and that’s why I, once again, pasted my cartoonish sunglasses on my face. I’m sure you know by now that I never reveal my whole face on the internet. Call me weird or suspicious, but I still have some boundaries about giving away my personal info, even though I’ve already given away too much by creating this blog, and furthermore by posting photos of myself and my outfits on the internet. Eyes are the windows to the soul, they say, and there are not only good people out there. You never know. Anyway, no offense to those of you who do reveal your faces, I don’t have a problem with that of course, do as you please. It’s only MY weirdness.

So, moving on to the outfit part, these pics were taken almost about a week ago, on a cold, windy night, and I needed to wear something to keep me warm. That’s why I went with a more casual/cozy outfit, giving emphasis on the shoes by letting them be the star of the outfit.

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Watching the sunset

Good morning everybody! How are you? I know that it’s Thanksgiving Day today in the United States, so Happy Thanksgiving to my lovely readers who live there. I hope you have a great day with your families and friends.

This is my last outfit post from Nafplio, and it’s more like a way to keep a diary of the trip than an outfit post, because I’ve actually showed you this dress again a few weeks ago, and there’s nothing special about this particular outfit. Just wore something casual and comfortable for my last day in this lovely city, to go for lunch and have a walk near the sea, while watching the sunset. It was a beautiful picture.

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View from above – Palamidi fortress

Hello my lovely readers! How is everyone? Today I have to show you one more post with photos of my trip to Nafplio (yes, you’re going to see a few more posts about it), and more specifically from the fortress of Palamidi. On my first post about my trip, I shared with you some of the pics I took from the fortress. It’s on a really high hill, and it has an amazing view. You can either climb its 857 steps from the town to the fortress (locals say it’s 999 steps), or you can go straight to the top, by car. I chose the 2nd way, as I’ve already climbed it once, many years ago. Moreover, there are hundreds more steps inside the fortress.

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Hello my dear readers! I hope everyone had a really nice week, and now enjoys his weekend. My week was a bit tough, but yesterday 11/11/11 my main problem was solved, and hopefully this is going to be a fabulous weekend, and a more fabulous week. It seems that 11/11/11 was indeed a lucky day, as everyone “predicted”. I’ll share more details, when I’ll be sure that everything is ok.

Anyway, these photos that I’m going to share with you today are from my trip to Nafplio as you may have already guessed. I hope you won’t get tired seeing “old” outfit posts, but the weather is not so good for fresh outfit posts anyway.

Sitting in the amazing window of my hotel room, the same room I had the last time I was there.

Please once again excuse the bad lighting, as most of the pics on this post were taken after nightfall, inside the room. But don’t worry; these are the last ones you’ll see from inside the room. Lussile top, Zara top (underneath), Sarah Lawrence leggings, local shop boots (from a friend’s shop called Largenti), Donna Karan sunglasses, vintage necklace (really old one), Esprit watch, and Follie Follie bracelet (for FNO 2011- a gift from my cousin). I wore my D&G bag again, with this outfit, but now I see that I forgot to include it in the pictures.

Some of the details:

The vintage necklace: one of my favourites

The Follie Follie FNO bracelet. On my nails GT Cosmetics, no. 357 (Glitter rose gold).

I hope you liked this outfit. Stay tuned for more pics from my trip to Nafplio.

I’m leaving you with one more pic on the beautiful window of the room.

Have a fantastic weekend, and don’t forget to follow this blog!


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